What Do Adults Need to Know about Sex?

What do adults want to know about sex? A new sexuality education website titled WhatTheyAreAsking.com knows.  Born out of the experiences of professional educators, the site illustrates the importance of sex education throughout the lifespan.  NJCSW partner Melanie Davis is a contributing sex educator featured on the site.
Every day, the website posts three question cards submitted anonymously during adult sex education lectures and workshops across  the country. Site visitors can vote for the question they would like answered by one of the six educators who support the site.
Educators use anonymous cards as a way to help people ask questions about sex without embarrassment. The cards are collected, shuffled and answered so group or class members can learn from each other’s questions. The cards appearing on the site were all asked by adults ranging from college students to elderly people, medical students, and health teachers.
The cards represent the myriad concerns, issues and questions adults have about sex and sexuality. The questions illustrate the lifelong impact of traditionally poor-quality sex education in schools, which leads to sexually misinformed adults.
The educators involved in WhatTheyAreAsking.com hope the project will be used by policy makers as evidence of the need to advocate for comprehensive sex education within both primary and secondary school systems.
Another goal of the site is to help adults feel less alone in their need for information. Educators can provide information, resources, workshops and classes to build sexual knowledge, improve health and function, and increase confidence and pleasure.
The Sexuality and Aging Consortium at Widener University sponsored research last year that found that even very old adults can benefit from learning more about sexuality. The Consortium’s members offer workshops and programs for adults in mid- and later age. NJCSW partners Judith Hersh and Melanie Davis are members of the Consortium (Davis is co-president).